Our Mission

As people moved further away from manual labor, handcrafted work – with its individuality and attention to detail – became a luxury. Our deliberate mastery cannot be replicated through the hand of a machine.
Our matches are magical and amazing… We are so passionate about our product that this passion is transferred to our clients when they talk about, show or use our products.
We created a totally new category in the hospitality industry.
We are making history by being the first and probably the only craftsmen in the world that make high-end luxury matchboxes.
The engagement between the product and our client is so compelling that our clients are advocating why this product is a must for any luxury establishment. They love the colours, design and the feel of the luxury matchbox in their hand.
Embossed golden letters & emblems, leather-like touch at the tip of the fingers or suede traces of touches created on the boxes…
With our matches, you will be even more amazing with your customers & friends.
Swiss materials we work with inspire us, with the people, our clients, who have stories to tell.
We all embrace in a progressive spirit…the rest follows…
No matter what your dream of a perfect establishment is, our product will bring it closer to reality.
Make a difference in your event, your image, your life. Make it unforgettable!
With you, we challenge the status quo!
So, give us a call and let's make a difference – today!

Call us and ask for details about our matchboxes.